Thraso: /thr-â-sō/: Amazon Warrior

Est. 2018


I n Greek Mythology, Thraso was the Amazon warrior under Andromache whose name meant ‘confidence’, and Thrasos is the personified concept of boldness. To say we felt kindred to the name would be modest.

With over 6,000 best-selling products across multiple categories and marketplaces, we’re reimagining, innovating, and transforming the consumer goods industry for the next century one product at a time. True to our name, taking risks and being innovative has worked in our favor.

Our people are enterprising and our vision is audacious; we think Thraso would approve.

Meet Our Founders

Carlos is an inventive leader and top-tier motivator. Thrashers know him for his infectious energy and forward thinking perspective that puts Thrasio on the cutting edge. He’s passionate about new ideas and pushing the status quo.

Josh is a visionary. Thrashers know him best for reaching into the lessons of history to encourage new ways of thinking and innovating the business (real example: Macedonian kings and the power of data-driven decision making).


Danny Boockvar


Stephanie Fox


Joe Falcao

Joe Falcao


Mounir Ouhadi

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson


Mike Fahey

General Counsel

Michael Del Mauro


Casey Gauss

VP, Amazon SEO

Laurence Girard

Laurence Girard

VP, Engineering

John Hefter

VP, Creative & Brand Strategy

Brandon Hendrix

VP, Marketing

Ken Kubec

VP, Acquisitions

Eric Lubow

Chief Product Officer

Betsy Parker

Betsy Parker

VP, Innovation & Business Development

Aditya Rathod

Aditya Rathod

VP, Financial Planning & Analysis

June Zheng

VP, Retail & Omnichannel Strategy

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We are growing rapidly and are always looking for top talent to support the continued expansion of our consumer products empire. Join the team and help make our vision a reality.

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