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Thrasio is partnering with Success Academy (SA) to offer a Thrasio fellowship, which we hope will be an incredible opportunity for a group of SA students to learn the foundations of entrepreneurship and ultimately pitch their own startup ideas. The program will combine workshops led by individuals across various Thrasio teams with personalized mentorship.
—Charlotte Kim
Being able to give back to my own middle school was an incredible professional accomplishment that’s also very important to me personally. I’m thrilled to be able to impact the communities where I grew up and to potentially introduce new career possibilities for bright young minds.
—John Smith
Being a mentor at BUILD has been a very humbling and eye-opening experience. It is incredible to see the passion that goes into developing a concept into a product that the students are proud of. Working at Thrasio gives me the confidence to tell these students that there is a world that values their entrepreneurial spirits and needs their problem-solving skills.
—Quay Parks